“The Big Pitch was an amazing opportunity to present WeTeachMe to a wider audience.”

Winning The Big Pitch was an amazing opportunity to present WeTeachMe to a wider audience and receive valuable feedback from the judges of the event.

Since the event, we have continued to grow our service offerings. We still connect thousands of students to teachers across the country, but we have improved the platform to suit music and language schools.

After The Big Pitch we had a number of extremely valuable workout sessions with Oxygen Ventures, but we couldn’t see eye to eye on the strategy for global growth and customer acquisition.

We will keep the team updated with our progress as we continue to grow the business.

Who are WeTeachMe?

With the tagline, “Be interesting”, WeTeachMe helps people to find and book classes and events. It’s a simple premise, well executed; letting users find courses through a pin board of listings, encompassing everything from bow making to artisan butchery.

Founders Kym Huynh and Martin Kemka, worked on insight into the complications of admin for busy course leaders. Their service takes the stress out of paperwork by automating booking and administration processes. For one particularly happy customer, WeTeachMe’s smart system means the bookwork was reduced from 14 hours to 15 mins per week.

The difference for course providers is enough to have led to incredible growth. They’re on track to have listed over 50,000 courses by the end of 2014. The business model is simple, course leaders pay a monthly fee to list their courses; but we love the work beneath the hood on this brilliant, fast-growing and unique startup. While presenting a clean, usable interface to sell their clients’ courses, the client facing backend is a powerful, intelligent and easy to use time saver.

Recently finishing second in StartupSmart’s, “So you think you can Startup” pitching competition, we can’t wait to see what they’ve got.

Watch WeTeachMe's pitch