“We discovered the value of Bluesky's e-commerce retail analytics via The Big Pitch and packaged that into our primary product today.”

Eight months on from The Big Pitch, Bluesky is going strong, with a decision to change their focus from a consumer facing marketplace to providing e-commerce retail analytics to businesses.

The co-founders, David Mah and Nigel Ang, have also merged their online retail analytics experience and electrical engineering background and found a new company called Kepler Analytics. Kepler Analytics is being run alongside Bluesky under the same umbrella of investors.

Kepler Analytics seeks to be Google Analytics for physical retail stores. Using a combination of in-store sensors and an online dashboard, retail managers will be able to get real-time measurement and analysis of shopper behaviour. Getting immediate feedback on marketing, store location, staffing and visual merchandising strategies has never been easier.

Traditionally, understanding shopper behaviour is a time consuming, expensive and unreliable process. Kepler Analytics has been designed from ground up to be plug-and-play simple, cost effective and immediately useful.

They see The Big Pitch as a great way to get feedback from industry leaders and experts and an opportunity to discover the value of Bluesky's e-commerce retail analytics, which they have packaged into their primary product today.

For Bluesky, The Big Pitch was an exhilarating and valuable learning experience and their advice to founders thinking of joining The Big Pitch is to ‘just go for it!’ They believe that whatever stage you're at, whether just exploring world-changing ideas or already running a revenue generating business, the competition process will help you learn more about how to accelerate the growth of your startup. But they stress the importance of keeping your pitch simple and recognising that the best ideas are the captivating ones that the audience can most easily convey to others in their daily lives.

For more information, please visit www.kepleranalytics.com.au or email David and Nigel at info@kepleranalytics.com.au.

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